Dotty borrowed Augmented Reality tracking technology from our other app called EyeMeasure. This allows us to automatically detect humans, their faces and even their pupils. From this we can measure a persons temperature between their eyes, the closest match to the internal body temperature. This automation removes the need for a camera operator, something that’s required on the more expensive solutions.

Dotty then uses a series of special algorithms and statistics machines to find the normal healthy group of body temperatures, and the outliers with a likely elevated body temperature. The app also keeps track of every object in the scene and it’s changing temperature values to adjust for environmental conditions. Dotty’s Augmented Reality technology has given us all of the mature tools to track and trace temperature drift in the FLIR® hardware. When all of this is done correctly, we can accurately determine if a person has an elevated body temperature compared to a normalized group of people. Dotty recommends any fever detection is followed up with a secondary medical screening. Hot or Not gives a real-time early warning system for widespread testing where manual checking isn’t viable.