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Dotty’s Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) app, combined with the FLIR ONE® Pro line of thermal imaging cameras allows you to detect abnormally elevated body temperatures.


Contact us now about your mandates, we are here to help make your company safe.


Live on Android on Play and Amazon app stores.

IOS is availble via Testflight.

Simple < Scalable.

The Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) app runs completely automatically with no training required or camera operators. Just plug in the FLIR ONE® thermal imaging camera and open the app.

Quick & Simple

Buy the FLIR ONE®
Open the app.
Setup at entry point.

Location Adjusted

Advanced environmental algorithms adjusts to your surroundings to ensure accurate body temperatures are measured.

Central Management

Manage devices across multiple stores or locations, without complex user management. Contact Dotty for enterprise licences.
Comper thermometer

Real Time Temperature Data & Secondary Screening.

The EBT app is simple, providing fast and reliable results to keep your team and public safe. Dotty is using its proven proprietary technology from our app EyeMeasure to automatically track people’s faces as they appear and check their skin temperatures.

Dotty has added the Comper Bluetooth FDA thermometer as an optional extra to conduct self serve secondary screening with a one touch button and app based access control.

IPVM tests Dotty’s Hot or Not app.

IPVM one of the worlds leading independent video surveillance information companies puts Dotty’s app through it’s paces and the results are in.

$199 devices now operate with similar performance to 20kUSD systems thanks to Apple and Google Augmented Reality technology.

Designed for Shops and Offices

Central to the design philosophy is the need for a low cost, high accuracy, automatic system with instant results. This will keep your team and customers safer.

Order the hardware today on Amazon.

It’s as easy as an Amazon shopping list. Choose Apple or Android and get the thermal camera and Comper thermometer. It’s simple. You are 2 days away from a full temperature screening system.

Back to Business Safely.

Social responsibility, government requirements and employer obligations to Duty of Care make this a tough time to be running a people facing business. This does not need to stop you from running your business and serving your customers.

"This app* worked immediately.... It was great. So pleasant as I had to do no work at all.
10/5 stars hands down"

– App Store Review, Dec 31st, 2019
* App refers to Dotty EyeMeasure

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